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The Office of Government Relations serves as the primary point of contact for the University’s government affairs. The Office of Government Relations works with the North Carolina Congressional delegation, Executive Branch agencies, Congressional committees, and the national higher education research community on policy and funding issues affecting UNCG’s students, faculty, and staff. The Office of Government Relations also works with state elected officials, as well as state legislative, and executive branch staff. In addition to monitoring, tracking, and reporting on federal and state policy and funding priorities, the Office of Government Relations coordinates and participates in visits to Capitol Hill and the General Assembly with UNCG faculty and staff to promote the University’s federal and state advocacy agenda.

Nikki Baker, UNCG’s Interim Director of Strategic Initiatives, serves as the University’s primary liaison with federal and state elected and appointed officials and is a member of both the UNC System-wide Federal Relations Council and State Relations Council.

The Office of Government Relations

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Nikki Baker, Interim Director of Strategic Initiatives

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